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Ending the Chore Wars: Getting Your Family to Help

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For couples and families!

"Chore Wars!" Getting your spouse and children to help with household chores is one of the most common and frustrating challenges.

A Harvard Business School study surveyed 3,000 couples and found that 25 percent of couples who divorced listed “disagreements about housework” as the top reason for splitting up. However, it's not the work that is the reason for couples splitting up. It's more related to the lack of communication, support, fairness, and perceived inconsideration we feel that are the greater challenge. So what do you?

This course get's to the center of the issue and provides top methods of organizing your marriage and family so your spouse, and children, help with household chores....without the fighting and complaining. Even better, these tools help your marriage and entire family to feel closer, more cohesive, and more optimistic.

These positive characteristics push out the negativity, stress, anger, and frustration.

These tools are easy enough for anyone to use, but so powerful that "chore wars" will seem like a much smaller issue in your life.

Use these tools. Trust them, and get your family organized—Communicate more clearly, improve negotiation skills with your spouse, eliminate stress and anger, and experience a closer, more loving marriage with a considerate involved spouse, and a happier, unified family.

Ending the Chore Wars: Getting Your Family to Help - Fix your marriage and feel more love by solving common marriage problems