Chores and Getting Your Family to Help + Coaching

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Sometimes we rely on outdated gender roles. Sometimes we are unaware of what our partner needs. And sometimes we are simply lazy. Regardless of the reasons why household chores seem to be at the core of arguing and stress, what everyone wants is a happy partner and peace and unity in the home. Use these proven relationship saving and family organizing methods to eliminate stressful arguments about chores, and create greater peace and togetherness in your relationship and family.



  • Getting Your Family to Help with Chores ($29.95)
  • Solve the Most Common Marital Problems ($89.95)
  • Solve Common Childhood Problems ($69.95)
  • Solve Common Teenage Problems ($69.95)
  • Five Secrets of Children's Success ($25.95)
  • Make Sure Your Love Lasts ($19.95)
  • Solve Stress-Related Arguments ($19.95)
  • How to Increase Love and Happiness ($21.95)



Includes 10 sessions with a certified First Answers relationship and parent coach.


Chores and Getting Your Family to Help + Coaching - Certified Marriage Relationship , Parenting, and Professional Performance Coaching - Group of courses for specific topics