Coordinate Parenting Styles©

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Rearing children has it's own challenges. Add different parenting philosophies, or a passive, unsure parent, and both parenting and your relationship with your partner can feel extra challenging. The first best thing you can do is to get yourself and your partner on the same page. Use the courses in this bundle to unify your parenting style and strengthen your relationship. Feel confident you are doing the right thing to prepare your children, because these methods are proven, time-tested, and recommended by experts. 


  • Solve the Most Common Marriage Problems ($89.95)
  • Stop Arguing About Your Children ($19.95)
  • Solve Common Childhood Problems ($69.95)
  • Solve Common Teenage Problems ($69.95)
  • Parenting Defiant, Rebellious Teens ($89.95)
  • Improve Grades, Behavior, and Social Development in School ($49.95)
  • Five Secrets to Children's Success ($25.95)
  • Solve Stress-Related Arguments ($19.95)


Includes one free consultation with a Certified coach.

Coordinate Parenting Styles© - Group of courses for specific topics