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First Answers supports business performance by providing mental health, marriage, and parenting resources that promote success in life and at work for the benefit of children, individuals and families. A portion of all courses supports the Legacy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Chores and Getting Your Family to Help


Sometimes we rely on old gender roles. Sometimes we are unaware of what our partner needs. And sometimes we are simply lazy. Regardless of the reasons why household chores seem to be at the core of arguing and stress, what everyone w...

Coordinate Parenting Styles

Rearing children has it's own challenges. Add different parenting philosophies, or a passive, unsure parent, and both parenting and your relationship with your partner can feel extra challenging. The first best thing you can do is to get yourself and...

Eliminate Financial Stress in Marriage

Money doesn't hurt a marriage, (though not having enough can make things more challenging) but how we communicate about marriage does. Use these proven and relationship saving methods in these courses to eliminate stressful conversations about money,...

Health & Wellness


We are all born with light in us. When we feel we've lost that light, we all have the power to find it again. We just need to know what to do. Use the courses in the Health and Wellness Bundle to find your light and feel alive again...

Improve Communication to Solve Blaming, Nagging and Fighting

Bad things happen when good things don't. So to feel more love, happiness, respect and appreciation, stop blaming, arguing, and nagging. Use the simple but powerfully rewarding courses in this bundle to improve how you communicate with your partner a...

Increase Sexual Fulfillment, Love, and Intimacy

There is, perhaps, no greater feeling than the intimate love found in marriage where each partner is fulfilled and feels free to love and commit. A common misunderstanding is that a lack of sexual intimacy is caused by physical issues. Not true. A la...

6 Item(s)