How to Decide Between an Expert and Emotional Self-Reliance Coach

What to know


  • Licensed professionals are trained to diagnose and focus on problems to help treat relationship and behavioral problems: ADD, ADHD, Violent/Extreme behavior, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, etc.
  • Cost for experts is typically more compared to coaching. 

Emotional Self-Reliance Coaches:

  • Emotional self-reliance coaches are trained to focus on positive methods to solve and prevent problems in mental wellbeing, emotional self-reliance, relationships, and parenting.
  • A smaller percentage of people experiencing challenges need problems diagnosed by licensed professionals. Most of us simply need more positive skills in emotional self-reliance, and coaching helps to develop these skills.
  • Research shows focusing more on positive preventative and problem-solving methods helps a statistically significant number of people feel better about their situation compared to primarily focusing on cause of the problem.
  • May not be professionally licensed but are highly trained emotional self-reliance coaches
  • May typically cost less than consulting with a licensed expert
  • Offer ongoing support to help you implement the emotional self-reliance strategies in online courses.