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Online Courses

Courses are comprehensive, in depth self-guided online tutorials that provide specific steps–methods recommended by experts–and a schedule to give you direction and the path which lead to results. Online courses provide an engaging combination of reading materials with video and interactive training programs (not all courses may provide multimedia).

Mini courses provide the similar resources in the same format, but are more brief and specific in the areas they provide help.

Online courses may be eligible for court-ordered marriage and parenting instruction. Certificates provided.

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Online Classes

Online classes provide a seminar-like learning experience. Experts present the most important information and helpful methods you need  so you can find the success you are looking for.

Online courses may be eligible for court mandated marriage and parenting instruction. Certificates provided.

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Online Therapy

First Answers advertises licensed professionals who help you solve difficult problems. You can find experts for marital problems, parenting difficult young and adolescent children, mental and emotional health issues, (including PTSD, depression and anxiety), financial planning, and even how to help boys mature into productive men.

Expert consultations are perfect for people who are experiencing extremely difficult situations and need the advice of a professional. The flexibility of these online appointments can cost less than traditional appointment-based settings. Expert consultations are especially helpful for those in rural areas, those living over seas and need a counselor who understands their culture, or for those not living in areas where expert mental health services are readily available.

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Online Coaching

We learn better with a coach. First Answers Coaches advertise certified individuals who help you navigate through the steps of online courses and/or help you implement the treatment plans recommended by other professionals, like your doctor. (Coaches do not diagnose or provide treatment plans. Treatment plans come from your physician or other referring agency that has referred you to First Answers to find a coach.)

Coaches support and motivate you, because we all know how difficult it can be to try making changes in life. Don't do it alone.

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Memberships give you exclusive access to experts, coaches and high quality resources relevant to a specific issue. And new resources created after you register are automatically added to your membership. The benefits of memberships are that you no longer need to search multiple areas for answers; a membership will automatically deliver resources and solutions to you.

Example: If you sign up as a member of the "Defiant Children" group,

  • you will gain access to all online courses dealing with defiant children,
  • you will get access to experts and coaches who specialize in that area, and
  • a newsletter featuring content and solutions for defiant children will be emailed to you.

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