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About the Courses

  • Courses have been created by marriage and family experts. 
  • Each course contains "ACTION PLANS," which are proven methods recommended by experts to solve problems
  • Courses have been through an extensive editing process so the information is easy to understand and quick to implement so you can solve problems sooner.
  • Courses have been organized into a unique format, including "Learning Cues," specialized to enhance learning experience.

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Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to find solutions to behavioral, academic, and emotional needs in the community, and make them available to people who lead and influence. For example, when they discover a specific "need" in schools, they research organizations with programs that fill that "need", and the organization then arranges to have those programs provided to the school and/or its patron families. This same model is in work with these marriage, family, and mental health courses. People clearly need reliable information that can be used to improve marriage and family relationships–especially for the benefit of children–and Legacy Foundation works to make this available to you and your members for free.

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