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Marriage Bundle–Resolve Relationship Conflict

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Product Details

Improve your relationship and magnify your love!

Use this marriage bundle to resolve conflict and spark renewed love, passion, and excitement for each other. You were there once before, you can get there again.

Issues Addressed:

  • Create and feel more love
  • Eliminate anger and resentment
  • How to Stop Arguing
  • Improve your communication
  • Learn how to forgive
  • How to talk about finances
  • Stop being defensive and start being together
  • Being loved is better than being right
  • Remove negative feelings and increase good feelings
  • Connect with each other

Included Courses

  • "Solve Common Marriage Problems"
  • "Solve Stress-Related Arguments"
  • "Feel Close Again"
  • "Focus on Love"
  • "Get Your Relationship in Sync"
  • "Increase Love and Happiness"
  • "Recognize, Respect, and Understand"
  • "Stop Arguing About the Kids"
Marriage Bundle–Resolve Relationship Conflict - Group of courses for specific topics