Legacy Foundation

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is to help prepare those who prepare our children

the well-being of every child is connected to influential adults and that the strength of this interaction is determined by the quality of those relationships.

is to strengthen parents and families, schools, communities, and businesses in measurable and sustainable ways for the benefit of all children

to the active pursuit and development of resources that benefit children and those who help them. We are committed to methods that are sustainable, long-reaching, and that create permanent improvement in children. So our research, development, and resources concentrate on the idea of enhancing the personal skills and perspectives of parents, teachers, leaders, and children.

How Legacy Foundation supports families, communities, schools, and leaders to prepare children for a better future

Legacy Foundation concentrates its efforts and resources on developing methods that permit people to improve the quality of life for children. 

By developing the perspectives and improving methods and skills of people who influence children, and children themselves, Legacy Foundation creates a new foundation of abilities people use to inspire and spread success. The methods and resources Legacy Foundation implements are simple in nature and easy to apply, but they all follow the essential criteria of reshaping how people think and improving how well people rear, teach, and lead children–without long-term reliance on support, resources, materials, or funding.
This is the most effective long-term solution and best way to prepare children for the future.

For 15 years, Legacy Foundation has researched and developed programs and systems and provided them to the groups and individuals that have the most contact with and influence for children. Please click the links below to learn more.