First Answers Coaching Model

What coaches do and why it works

  1. Understanding and acceptance builds trust and confidence
    Coaches support and comfort you. They build trust by accepting you and working to understand you and your situation. They encourage and motivate so you experience wonderful changes. The more you trust coaches, and the more you accept their direction, the better the results.

  2. Develop decisiveness and ability to act
    Coaching reduces stress when you are faced with decisions. Coaches improve skills with assessing and decisiveness so you more quickly make decisions and act—so you don't feel so overwhelmed and stressed when confronted with decisions. Becoming mentally and emotionally self-reliant empowers you to make decisions and feel confident.

  3. Your brain is a faithful servant. It does what you tell it to do.
    Coaches help you feel more in control of your life. They boost your mental and emotional control by helping you shift your mindset so what you are telling your brain emphasizes optimism, hope and faith, courage, future-thinking, and ability to take action to create change.

  4. Bad things happen because good things don't.
    Coaches show you how to feel better by filling your life with more good—thoughts, feelings, actions. Increasing good in your life pushes away disappointment and frustration that comes when it appears negative experiences outnumber positive ones. Increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and actions is a key part of emotional self-reliance.

  5. Gratitude is power to change negative to positive
    Coaching helps you reduce anxiety and depression. Coaches show you how to use the power of gratitude to reverse negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences into positive. Gratitude has power to reduce depression, anxiety, marital stress, and much more. Learn to be grateful and feel better.
    1. Spend time each day being grateful
    2. When change happens, realize YOU created it

  6. Extreme Stress prevents your brain from releasing love feelings
    Coaches help you manage stress so your brain is able to release more feelings of love, happiness, and feeling close and connected. Becoming emotionally self-reliant is a powerful tool to feeling and giving love. 

  7. Honesty controls anxiety
    Coaching helps you see yourself and others more accurately. Dishonest or inaccurate assessment of self and others increases anxiety, which prevents positivity and self reliance. Coaches help you develop honest and accurate personal and interpersonal assessment. Recognize your strengths. See and feel what you create and accomplish.

  8. Dodge emotional landslides by changing how you perceive others perceive you.
    Coaches help you avoid emotional ups and downs. They help you feel more confident and in control by showing you how to eliminate excessive worrying about how you think others perceive you and by showing you how to manage stress.
  9. Measure success by achievements and also by how often you feel happiness and love.
    Coaches help you become happier by showing you how to eliminate self-criticism and focus on honest self-description.
    1. Self criticism prevents feelings of love and happiness and most of the time is FALSE!
    2. Honest self-description is the first step to happiness and love

  10. Emotional freedom is love's aphrodisiac
    Coaches help you create self confidence and emotional control so you feel, create, and share more love and passion. 

  11. Most relationship problems are problems of communication and transmission
    Coaches help you feel connected with others by improving your communication skills so your words, and interpretations of others' words, are more clearly expressed and understood so thoughts and actions are accurate, positive, and constructive.

  12. Emotions can be both the origin and the result of your thoughts and behavior.
    Coaches help you feel more love and peace of mind by showing you how to more effectively control thoughts that affect emotion so you can promote more of your own positive feelings—self-confidence, future-thinking, compassion, optimism, hope, love, and freedom.

  13. Faith and hope exist in the future
    Coaching increases the strength of your hope and faith. Coaches show you how to redirect thoughts and build hope and faith for greater love, happiness and peace of mind by focusing on the future.