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<p>The purpose of FirstAnswers.com is to help people find solutions and resources they can use to solve problems and improve their lives. The primary services on the site are:</p>
<li><a href="http://www.firstanswers.com/products.php">Online Courses–</a>These are easy-to-use, authoritative courses created by experts</li>
<li>Access to <a href="http://www.firstanswers.com/coaching.php">Online Coaches</a> who help you implement courses and offer support</li>
<li>Access to <a href="http://www.firstanswers.com/expert-consulting.php">Online Licensed Therapists and Counselors</a> who can help with more difficult issues</li>
<p>You can select from any of these services in any order. Example: you can purchase a course and later find a coach to help you with the strategies in the course. Or, you can go directly to a therapist and schedule an appointment on the site. You have complete flexibility.</p>
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