Deciding Between an Expert and A Coach?

Determine how urgent or serious your situation is

Urgent and Serious:

  • Consider an expert–Licensed professionals who can give you prompt, direct solutions to problems like marital conflict, troubled teens, explosive behavior, difficult children, more.

Not as Urgent or Serious

  • Consider a coach–Coaches help you implement recommended methods from online courses or treatment plans referred to you by your doctor, or other experts. Coaches will offer ongoing support and motivation until you are able to successfully carryout these strategies designed to help you see results.

Things to Remember


  • Licensed professionals can diagnose and help treat relationship and behavioral problems: ADD, ADHD, Violent/Extreme behavior, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, etc.
  • Experts are licensed mental health professionals.
  • Rates for experts may typically be higher than for a coach


  • Trained individuals who offer steady support and motivation.
  • May not be professionally licensed but are highly trained emotional self-reliance coaches
  • May typically cost less than consulting with an expert
  • Offer ongoing support to help you implement the emotional self-reliance strategies in online courses.