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Thank you for your interest in becoming a First Answers coach. is an online self-help resource that advertises qualified coaches who help users implement strategies found in online courses. You are considering becoming a coach because you want to help others and you would like to earn income while doing it. First Answers is designed to give you a great opportunity to do exactly this. The process of certifying begins with an online coach training course that prepares you to help guide people looking for change. Included site tools to set schedules and receive payment make the process of starting an independent coaching business even easier. 

We Work for Your Success
Your Success is Our Success

First Answers certifies you as a coach, and we also actively promote and advertise you.

  • Promotional Listing–First Answers will list you on the site. Depending on the category you choose to certify in, you may be listed in multiple categories in the directory. We actively drive traffic to this directory.

  • Autonomy, Flexibility & Upfront PaymentWhile the site promotes coaching, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and rates using included onsite software tools. These tools allow you to set and adjust your own schedule and receive payment upfront from clients. A PayPal account is needed for you to receive funds.

  • We Send You People Looking for HelpFirst Answers is unique because we offer users a massive amount of information in addition to providing services like online counseling and coaching. Users coming to read our blog, receiving our free newsletters, participating in forums, or who purchase our courses are all directed to you, the coach, and introduced about the benefits of involving the help of a coach to learn, change and improve. We feel very strongly that your success is our success.

  • Additional Commissions–You can earn commissions for referring users who order courses or memberships. These commissions are in addition to the fees you receive for consulting.

  • Writing and/or Training OpportunitiesUnder the right circumstances, First Answers may provide you with an opportunity to write content (courses, mini courses) for the site and receive royalties for your work, and/or opportunities to train other First Answers coaches. 


How to Certify as a First Answers Coach

  1. Register for the coaching package you want: Marriage Coach, Parent Coach, Online Coach Certification (Required courses will be provided to you for free upon registration for this certification course. For Example: If you want to be listed as a substance abuse recovery coach, register for the Online Coach Certification and then a representative will contact you and provide you with the necessary courses to accompany this coach listing.) 

  2. Complete the certification process: Course concepts include learning strategies to help people change, communication techniques, building a coaching business, and course work relevant for your selected area: marriage or parenting for example.

  3. Create your online profile including: bio/background, experiences, desires, any expertise you might have, contact information (FREE assistance is available.)

  4. Create your schedule: days and times you are available. (FREE assistance is available.)

  5. Set your own rates (minimums may apply) and receive payment upfront. A Paypal account is required for you to receive funds. (FREE assistance is available.)

  6. View the Coach agreement form here: 2016-First-Answers-Indepent-Coach-Advertising-Agreement-2.pdf

As users come to the site for information, they are directed to coaches that can help them. Users schedule appointments with you, and you coach them in the categories you are listed by helping users implement the strategies in the courses, motivating, encouraging, listening, and supporting them as they work on creating change. Research shows people are far more likely to succeed at creating change in their lives when they have the support of a coach. Sign up now and be the difference between frustration and success for someone who can use your help.

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Note: While First Answers provides a training program to prepare coaches, Coaches are not employed by, nor partnered with advertises independently contracted coaches.