First Answers Memberships

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A group of people focused on the same problem and communicating with
each other is more likely to create solutions than individuals working alone. These memberships help you find solutions and support from professionals who understand what you are going through.

Greater pressure on families, combined with less reliable social support, has led us to search for a more flexible, cost effective method of making high quality relationship and emotional care more available.

Timing is Essential to Solving Problems

We believe the right answers at the right time can prevent situations from worsening and solve problems once they exist. These timely answers and solutions are what First Answers specializes in. We know when it comes to solving problems, you need the most effective, reliable, and professional help possible.  We also know that support from others is a vital part of facing challenges and successfully solving them. Communicating with people who have been successful in solving challenges similar to yours can provide ideas and solutions you may not have thought of. And having qualified people helping you can be the difference between reaching your goals or not.

Where traditional appointment-based counseling can cost hundreds for the first visit alone, and require more time out of your day, First Answers Memberships can provide the same expertise at far lower costs with greater flexibility. You may not need a full session, just a few minutes to get answers you can rely on to point you in the right direction.  And First Answers allows you to access experts wherever you live. 

Memberships include* the following:

  • EXPERT CONSULTATIONS at REDUCED RATES–Memberships give you access to experts where ever you are and at lower costs. Ask direct questions, get direct answers. Feel confident when you get expert validation in what you are doing is right and helpful. And find that peace you are searching for when you learn what to do to solve your problems.

  • EXCLUSIVE ONLINE COURSES–These courses are online training programs created by experts and handpicked for these memberships. Courses may contain videos and other interactive multimedia. Memberships provide exclusive access to our online courses that offer the best, most recent strategies recommended by experts, and you can access them from anywhere you have Internet.

  • PRIORITY FORUMSPriority notification of online forums that allow you to find new ideas and strategies from experts and people like you who experience what you are going through and understand how you feel. Forums may also be moderated by experts or highly qualified coaches so you can get real-time answers to questions.

  • COACHING at REDUCED RATES–Coaches offer support and help you implement the strategies contained in online courses. You don't have to feel alone when you have a certified coach with you along the way.

  • NEWSLETTERS–Topic-centered newsletters tailored to your membership(s) are emailed to you on a regular basis. Newsletters provide cutting edge strategies, immediate solutions, and tools to develop new skills.

  • ONLINE SEMINARS/WEBINARS–Online presentations by experts who provide excellent insights and timely solutions. You gain free access to new seminars/webinars as part of your memberships.

  • eBooks-Free access to a growing library of eBooks you can download to any mobile device.

  • Audio Podcasts-Free downloads of our best audio podcasts.

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*Membership content and resources may differ based on availability.